At the core of the serverless experience is the idea of easily running a workload in response to an event without having to manage infrastructure. Basically, you write the code, decide when it should run, and the serverless platform takes it from there.

For the  Koyeb Serverless Engine, which launched earlier this year, this idea was taken to the next level of ease, with the workloads coming in the form of a variety of pre-written data-processing functions that users could choose from, making it quick and easy to do things like  resize images or send a Slack notification upon a certain event. Now, the company has expanded its capabilities to include the ability to run not only user-written functions but also containers, side by side on the same event-driven platform.

Yann Léger, Koyeb co-founder and CEO, explained that users normally have to choose one service for event-driven functions and another entirely for containers. With the newly launched ability to run both on the Koyeb Serverless Engine, Léger says they hope to ease the developer experience, allowing users to run whatever code they have, without having to worry about time limits or compatible runtimes.

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Koyeb Combines Functions and Containers in Its Serverless Engine
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