As cryptocurrency is currently very popular and growing so quickly, I was fascinated by it. After browsing through cryptocurrency websites, I realized that cryptocurrency is extremely volatile and the prices and volumes change every second depending on the trades executed.

As I am learning the MEAN (MongoDB, Node.js, Express, Angular) stack, I thought it would be a good idea to implement a personal side project that displays the currency details and has a watchlist feature.

Since this is not a “how-to” post, I will only be documenting some major parts of the project with a few code snippets.


To start with, an Express application was set up with an error logger and request logger to capture the errors and requests.

The next step was finding APIs that provide cryptocurrency data. After some digging, I found  the cryptocurrency API by WazirX that gives all necessary market data and  the alphavantage API that provides the historical data for creating charts.

1. Setting up a Node.js environment to interact with the WazirX API.

2. Designing a Minimalistic User Interface and connecting the APIs.

3. Connecting the UI to the Backend

4. Implementing components and backend operations for login and registration pages.

5. Creating a currency details component that dynamically fetches market data and historical data for a stock chart.

6. WatchList component for users that are logged in.

7. User Interface and refining the views.

#javascript #angular #cryptocurrency

Building a Cryptocurrency Tracker using MEAN Stack
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