The owner of a significant smartphone global market share, China, provides a wide choice of devices for every taste, color, and budget. This significantly makes mobile application technology even more accessible and demanding. Regardless of what your business is — retail, provision of services, or educational activities, today it is next to impossible not to take into account the time that people spend in front of the screens of their mobile devices. That makes the idea of creating the business mobile app for your clients in the coming 2020 year of a great sense.

While there are many ways in which an app can be made using dozens of different technologies and frameworks. And since we all know why cross-platform mobile applications are practically the most suitable for any business.

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But in this article, we are not going to talk about that. Instead, we’ll talk about the most promising and performing cross-platform mobile development technology — Flutter.

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The Growth of Flutter — 3Years After The Birth of Alpha
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