Difference Between Salesforce Health Cloud and EHR Software

Plenty of people are unsure about the differences between Salesforce Health Cloud Software and EHR Software. As two of the most well known smart applications that are used in these, they do offer a host of powerful features which make them immensely useful. Both of them are used extensively in the medical healthcare community. However, they are different from each other in certain significant ways.

Salesforce developers have imbibed both these software systems with a range of unique features that make them equally useful. So let’s have a look at the differences between Salesforce Health Cloud Software and Salesforce EHR Software.

Salesforce EHR Software

EHR systems often provide features like electronic health records, practice management as well as medical billing. They can also assist in scheduling, e-prescribing and offering patient reminders. The goal of EHR software applications is to provide maximum value to the existing patients. In this way, EHR systems function in a similar way to the ERP software systems. EHR systems are mainly meant to be definite purpose-built systems that can only be continually improved by the developers themselves. They cannot be customized or improved by the users.

Salesforce Health Cloud Software

The Salesforce Health Cloud Software can be best described as a pre-developed functionality that is well suited for healthcare organizations. It is built over the Salesforce CRM platform. Currently the Salesforce Health Cloud Software is used by more than 150000 organizations. There are 3.75 million users of this software and more across a wide range of industries. A major reason for the success of the Salesforce Health Cloud Software is that it works as a platform which can be used for building numerous industry-specific functionalities over a core foundation. The great thing about Salesforce Health Cloud Software is that it is very flexible and can be used as user interface as well as a database. Such malleability helps both Salesforce internal developers and 3rd party developers to come up with new and innovative ways to use the Salesforce application and create definite healthcare solutions.

The Salesforce CRM

The Salesforce CRM forms the core of the solutions offered by the company. This CRM can be used for managing the following tasks.

  • Lead management
  • Task management
  • Customer support
  • Vendor relationships
  • Customer relationships and data
  • Customer marketing and prospect handling campaigns
  • One click logging for 1:1 customer email communication

The core CRM functions focus on addressing numerous essential areas within the healthcare industry. A lot of them are essentially capabilities which can effectively reach outside the medical practice.

These involve:

  • Physician recruitment
  • New patient acquisition
  • Physician outreach
  • Patient complaint logging
  • Patient marketing campaigns
  • One click logging for 1:1 physician and patient email communication

The Salesforce Health Cloud Software

The Health Cloud software works as an additional functionality that rests over the main CRM core. Salesforce regularly releases new functionalities through their seasonal releases and this helps the application to become even more powerful and productive.

  • Care plan tracking
  • Care plan management
  • Patient communities
  • Patient risk stratification
  • Patient surveys
  • Patient assessments

Healthcare & Life Sciences Partner Ecosystem

The Healthcare & Life Sciences Partner Ecosystem involves numerous third party software application developers as well as service organizations.

Salesforce development companies in India play an important role in helping healthcare organizations to implement and integrate Salesforce applications. They also offer them training so that they can use the software applications for their day to day usage. In many centers that work with Health Cloud, it is also integrated with the EHR system. Such integration can help to synchronize all core EHR patient information with the Health Cloud, although it may not do so with the entire medical history of the patients.

At one point of time, Salesforce literally pioneered the shift of the CRM system from being a client/server system to a cloud based system back in 1999. While EHR software application has been somewhat slower to make the shift to the cloud, the trend of cloud computing is going to continue. It is a lot easier to smoothly integrate a cloud-based CRM to a cloud-based HER program. This is something that we can clearly expect to progress in the near future.

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Difference Between Salesforce Health Cloud and EHR Software
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