Few people were asking me if we could JavaScript to build a BlockChain app and certainly, there are resources available to build such an app. Nowadays people went crazy after hearing someone working on BlockChain and let me tell you it’s not that much complicated. It’s just like an ordinary project but with more set of rules to follow and If you made no mistake then voila you are ahead with the BlockChain.

What is a BlockChain?

A blockchain is a set of blocks chain together when combining generating information about certain transactions or series of steps. For Example, whenever you made any bank transaction either deposit money or withdrawing it, you are performing an action based on your last amount stored in a bank, and when anyone makes it available online it needs to have some relationship with the previous block.

Ohh, Too much talk but for any developer like you and me, how would we understand this situation and create an application based on this. Here is a demonstration of how the block will be connected.

flow chart on the connecting dots for blockchain

Similar to the Flowchart, we are going to create an app to demonstrate the same.

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Create Your Own Blockchain with JavaScript and Express
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