I can completely understand if you sometimes feel as though you are not growing in your career or are not getting a chance to learn something new, as you are busy delivering on the client’s requirements.

Today, we will go over a few pointers on how you can grow as a developer all on your own.

How Can You Grow as a Dev?

  1. Growing can mean that you have practiced enough to solve a problem you once encountered much faster now. You know how that feature can be implemented in your application when somebody asks you to do so.
  2. You challenge the existing best practices and solutions. You strive to find a better solution to the problem. There might be existing solutions in place, but you have the ability to improve them for the community.
  3. You discuss and contribute by being a part of the community. You consume and learn from the content that other devs in the community are creating and always keep up with the trends.
  4. You also contribute to growing the community with your learnings and contributions.

1. Practice — Try to Set Up Your Own Challenges

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Photo by James Pond on Unsplash.

  • Is there any feature you like or are curious about (e.g. video streaming, file upload, authentication flow)?
  • Is there any awesome design you saw on Medium/Dribble and do you wonder how a real-world app can implement that?
  • You can build a simpler version of a popular website like Netflix.
  • You can build evergreen apps like blogs, e-commerce apps, or even a stupid to-do list app. This will help you master the simplest CRUD operations to start with.

The point is to go ahead and start implementing them while following the best practices. Feel free to come up with your own best practices as you are implementing them.

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How to Grow as a Developer
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