Advanced page builder based on Vue.js


This builder (sections builder) reuses your Vue components as editable sections to produce an interactive page builder to the end user, you can use it as a prototyping tool as well as it is sort-of a block builder.

The user/developer can then export the builder for usability in multiple formats, the following are the officially supported ones:

  • json A json object which can be later used to re-render a page, particularly useful if you plan to have dynamic pages or want to store them in a Database.
  • preview opens a new page without the editable logic in new tab to see the end result.
  • pwa produces a zip file which contains all the page files and images neatly packed, this is probably the format you will use for page/prototype landing page builder, The project is augmented by default with service workers to support offline viewing.

The builder is just a Vue plugin, so you can integrate this into your own projects without needing to create separate bundles for it.

Install & Download:

First step is to install it using yarn or npm:

npm install vuse

# or use yarn
yarn add vuse


import Builder from 'vuse';



Advanced page builder based on Vue.js

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Author: baianat

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Advanced page builder based on Vue.js
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