A customizable and feature-rich video chat app built with Vue

Vue + Daily call object (custom) video call demo

This project demonstrates how to build a custom video call with Daily's custom call object mode using Vue.js.

Demo home screen

To view a deployed example of this demo, visit https://vue-call-object.netlify.app.

Running this demo locally

Clone this repo and, from the project directory, run:

npm install
npm run dev

Open http://localhost:8080 to view it in the browser.

Getting set up with Daily

To use this demo, you will need a Daily room to join.

To get a Daily room URL, create a Daily account.

Once you have an account and are logged into the Daily Dashboard, you can create a new Daily room.

Copy the new room's URL. You can use this in the form on the home page.

The room URL will be in the following format:



This demo demonstrates how to build a video call in Vue with the following features:

  • multi-participant calls
  • local participant controls to:
    • control camera and microphone devices
    • share your screen (a limit of 1 screen share at a time is enforced here for simplicity)
    • leave the current call
  • join any Daily call
  • set your username before joining the call

Ideas for expanding this demo

Some features that could be added to this demo include:

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Download details:

Author: daily-demos
Source: https://github.com/daily-demos/vue-call-object

License: BSD-2-Clause license

#vue #vuejs 

A customizable and feature-rich video chat app built with Vue
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