The fastest way to improve yourself as a developer is by working on a fun side project that you’re passionate about. This is different from your day job where you don’t have the freedom to choose what you’re going to work on. When working on a side project that you actually like it won’t feel like work. But by putting in all these extra hours of practice you’ll improve your skills rapidly.

Although most developers agree upon the fact that working on a side project is the fastest way to improve your skills, they struggle to find that cool side project they can work on.

Therefore I’ve put this list of seven fun side projects together that you could work on. I hope that the side projects on this list inspire you to start working on them yourself — or that it at least pushes you in the right direction when it comes to finding a fun side project.

Project 1: Social Media Dashboard

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Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Most people can’t live without social media. We scroll through our timelines every fifteen minutes to see if something interesting shows up. What sucks is that there’s a lot of noise and uninteresting stuff that shows up in these timelines. And then there are all the different platforms which all have their own app.

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7 Fun Side Projects To Expand Your Skill Set
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