To make Image gallery responsive with pure css we can leverage the powerful css grid and flexbox altogether. CSS3 grid and css flexbox when combined together they can handle any kind of layout you wish. On top of that to make the responsive image gallery with css only we can don’t have to
use css media query either. We can use css grid minmax function to make our image gallery responsive for mobile, desktop and laptop devices.

We are creating Image gallery with a hover effect. When you hover on the individual images you will see a beautiful hover effect which slides up the image caption. In this image gallery we are not using the image gallery lightbox. However, you can easily add lightbox to the image gallery with just a few lines of css. The main motive of this video is that you get the idea how to make your Image gallery responsive with just css and not relying on any additional javascript.

Even you make this image gallery look like a magazine style gallery with css grid-row and css grid-column properties. Just use css grid-row to span more than one row and do the same with grid-column to span more than one columns to make a magazine style responsive image gallery.

When creating our image/photo gallery with css grid we also have to utilize the flexbox to make the images stretch the full height of the row within which it is placed.
We can use the css object-fit and object-position properties to prevent the image from stretching inside our image/photo gallery.

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How to Create Responsive Image Gallery With CSS Grid | HTML & CSS3 Grid Layout
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