The message can appear in any service trying to retrieve active Azure Resources either within Azure Portal or from any 3rd party consumer. As an example, it can appear while trying to create an Azure Resource Manager service connection in Azure DevOps.

The reasons found so far are the following three:

  1. Check Subscription Status
  2. Browser Caching / Cookies
  3. Azure Active Directory Security

Details about three possible solutions for each problem follow.

1. Subscription Status

Navigate to Azure portal to check if your subscription status is active.

Microsoft Azure Subscriptions

2. Browser cookies

Either clear all your browser cookies, switch to another browser or use “InPrivate” mode. The last one is the quickest and easiest approach.

3. Azure Active Directory Security

Last but not least, go to, search for “Tenant properties” and disable Security defaults:

Microsoft Azure - Disable Security defaults

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Troubleshooting "You don’t appear to have an active Azure subscription."
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