Innovation: Refine Hackathon Guidelines

refine Hackathon 2023 is just around the corner and this repository serves as your go-to source for everything you need to know in order to submit a qualifying entry.

:point_right: Refer to Hackathon January 2023 blog for information.

:point_right: Please submit your project on refine Devpost Hackathon page.

From rules and guidelines, it provides all the information necessary for successful GitHub submissions. Please prepare your repository README as shown below

You can add refine-hackathon tag to your repository to make it easier for us to find your submission.

Project Name

Cover Image

Provide your GitHub repository with a visually-appealing cover image for an immediate impression of your submission.

:point_right: You can use our template cover photos on Figma to create your own or you can use whatever you want.

Project Demo link

If you deployed your project on any platform please write down the link here.



In this section, give a description of what your submission is. What did you build using refine. Which feautures of refine did you implement.


In this section, add the GitHub and Twitter profiles of everyone in your team.


To provide a comprehensive understanding of the submission, add visuals such as GIFs, images and videos have been incorporated to give an impression of what it looks like.

Set up Project

In order to get the project up and running on locally, this section need to provide clear steps for successful set-up.

Your submission gives the Refine team an opportunity to not only review it thoroughly, but also allows them to share its valuable insights with the community.


If running your project requires any prerequisites, be sure to include them in this section. It can be an account in any service or any configuration or plugins.

Install Project

In this section, cover step by step how to run your submission, with each step having a code block example of the command if applicable.

To ensure a successful run of your project, please provide step-by-step instructions.

For example:

Clone the repository:

Change directory and install dependencies:

cd directory
npm install
git clone <your repo github link>

Download Details:

Author: refinedev

Official Github: 



Innovation: Refine Hackathon Guidelines
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