Vue Final Modal is a customizable, stackable, detachable and lightweight modal component

Vue Final Modal

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  • Tailwind CSS friendly
  • Renderless component
  • SSR support
  • Stackable
  • Detachable
  • Scrollable
  • Transition support
  • Mobile friendly
  • 3.2kb gzipped

vue-final-modal has no predefined styles. There are only three classes inside vue-final-modal, including .vfm__containter, .vfm__content, .vfm__overlay. These classes have only the necessary styles and you can still easily override these styles through these props: classes, content-class, overlay-class

Here is the simplified template of entire vue-final-modal

<div class="vfm">
  <div class="vfm__overlay">
  <div class="vfm__container">
    <div class="vfm__content">
      <slot />



npm install vue-final-modal --save


yarn add vue-final-modal

How to use

<button @click="showModal = true">Show modal</button>

<vue-final-modal v-model="showModal">
  <button @click="showModal = false">close modal</button>
import { VueFinalModal } from 'vue-final-modal'

export default {
  components: {
  data: () => ({
    showModal: false


Name Type Required Default Description
ssr Boolean true use v-show(true) or v-if(false)
classes [String, Object, Array] ‘’ custom class names for Modal container element
contentClass [String, Object, Array] ‘’ custom class names for Modal content element
lockScroll Boolean true whether scroll of body is disabled while Dialog is displayed
hideOverlay Boolean false Hides the display of the overlay.
clickToClose Boolean true Clicking outside of the element will not close Modal.
preventClick Boolean false The click event will not be blocked by overlay
overlayClass String ‘’ Add classes to the overlay element.
transition String ‘vfm’ CSS transition applied to the modal window.
overlayTransition String ‘vfm’ CSS transition applied to the overlay (background).
attach any ‘body’ Specifies which DOM element that this component should detach to. Set false will disabled this feature. String can be any valid querySelector and Object can be any valid Node. Component will attach to the element by default.


Name Description
content-before inject an element before content slot
content inject an element has class vfm__content by default
- content of Modal inside slot content
content-after inject an element after content slot


Name Description
@before-open Emits while modal is still invisible, but before transition starting.
@opened Emits after modal became visible and transition ended.
@before-close Emits before modal is going to be closed.
@closed Emits right before modal is destroyed
Here is template structure:
<div class="vfm__container">
  <slot name="content-before" />
  <slot name="content">
    <div class="vfm__content">
      <slot />
  <slot name="content-after" />



<script src=""></script>


<script src=""></script>


If you have any ideas for optimization of vue-final-modal, feel free to open issues or pull request.

These are the features that will be added in the comming weeks:

  • draggable modal
  • resizable modal
  • duplicate overlay property
  • dynamic emit modal component with vue directive like:
    • this.$'hello-world')
    • this.$modal.hide('hello-world')
  • support Vue 3.0

Download Details:

Author: hunterliu1003


Source Code:

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Vue Final Modal is a customizable, stackable, detachable and lightweight modal component
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