Moonscript: A Language That Compiles to Lua


MoonScript is a programmer friendly language that compiles into Lua. It gives you the power of the fastest scripting language combined with a rich set of features. It runs on Lua 5.1 and above, including alternative runtimes like LuaJIT.

Running Tests

Tests are written in MoonScript and use Busted. In order to run the tests you must have MoonScript and Loadkit installed.

To run tests, execute from the root directory:


Writing specs is a bit more complicated. Check out the spec writing guide.


Precompiled versions of MoonScript are provided for Windows. You can find them in the GitHub releases page. (Scroll down to the win32- tags.

The build code can be found in the binaries branch

Editor Support


Online demo/compiler at

Join Our Community

We just created a Discord for those interested in MoonScript. You can join us here:

Download Details:

Author: leafo
Source Code: 
License: MIT

#lua #script 

Moonscript: A Language That Compiles to Lua
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