A iOS style picker and datepicker components for ReactNative


A iOS style picker and datepicker components for ReactNative.

This is the third fork of repository and its targeted to support and maintain current code. I asked github team to make it my own as is all pull requests goes directly to @lesliesam original repository but it seems to be no longer maintained.


Cross platform Picker component for React-native.

Since picker is originally supported by iOS while Android only supports a ugly Spinner component. If you want to have the same user behaviour, you can use this.

The android component is based on wheel-picker which runs super fast and smoothly. It also supports curved effect which make it exactly the same looking and feel as the ios picker.

How to use

Run command

For apps using RN 0.32 or higher, please run

npm i react-native-best-wheel-datepicker --save

For apps using RN 0.31 or less, please run

npm install --save --save-exact react-native-best-wheel-datepicker


react-native link react-native-best-wheel-datepicker

Ingegration with CustomDatePickerIOS

By default, package provides default DatePickerIOS on the iOS side to simplify usage on both platforms.

You can install react-native-custom-datepicker-ios package if you need textColor functionality on IOS platform.

Just install:

npm i react-native-custom-datepicker-ios
// or
yarn add react-native-custom-datepicker-ios

link dependencies:

react-native link react-native-custom-datepicker-ios

And register CustomDatePickerIOS inside react-native-best-wheel-datepicker package.

import { registerCustomDatePickerIOS } from 'react-native-best-wheel-datepicker';
import CustomDatePickerIOS from 'react-native-custom-datepicker-ios';


Then you can use textColored components for both platforms inside render function!

import { DatePicker } from 'react-native-best-wheel-datepicker';

// ...
render() {
  return (

Example code

import { Picker, DatePicker } from 'react-native-best-wheel-datepicker';

// use DatePicker

// use Picker
  style={{ flex: 1 }}
  pickerData={[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]}
  onValueChange={value => this.setState({ value })}

Download Details:

Author: abbasmoosavi

Source Code: https://github.com/abbasmoosavi/react-native-best-wheel-datepicker

#react-native #react #mobile-apps

A iOS style picker and datepicker components for ReactNative
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