As we all have been struck during this** Pandemic** and are facing Quarantine it has become very important to keep an **Optimistic **mindset and stay out of our comfort zones to upskill ourselves at every moment possible. Now let us jot down the top 4 virtual internships to do in this Lockdown/Quarantine.

Virtual Internship Programmes are as follows: -


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What will you do in this Technology Consulting Virtual Internship?

  • Technology Strategy & Innovation
  • Optimization & Delivery
  • Cloud Engineering

What technology aspects should be considered before developing an online banking platform, Present a high-level overview of the costs, benefits and considerations, Considerations For Mobilisation, Develop a high-level implementation plan and predict cost estimates, Define the project approach, Conduct an initial market scan to evaluate and select a new financial accounting system, Evaluate the market to understand what potential solutions are available to meet SectorMetric’s requirements, Further analysis & solution presentation.

Conduct further analysis of the selected vendors, summarise your findings, and present your proposed solution, Understanding Cloud Computing, Prepare a high-level overview of Cloud Computing for a client meeting, Cloud Feasibility Assessment, Advise the client on the benefits, risks, and considerations for transitioning to Cloud, Cloud Readiness Assessment, Conduct analysis and recommend which applications are suitable for transitioning to Cloud.

Practical skills you will gain from working on this module:

Critical Thinking, Industry Research, Project Planning, Resource Management, Feasibility Assessment, Value Analysis, Project Delivery, Planning, Cost Estimation, Market scan research, Capability , assessment, Prioritisation of criteria, Cost Analysis, Implementation Planning, Communication, Presentation Skills, Research, Understanding Cloud, Readiness Assessment, Application Prioritisation, Research, Risk Assessment, Benefit Analysis

The Program is self-paced, free of cost and a certificate will be generated by Deloitte after the completion of the Internship.


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What will you do in this Digital Technology Data Analytics Program?

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Visualization
  1. Using data engineering to combine full-flight engine data, part manufacturing data, airport location data to determine the distance traveled for each airplane.

2 ) Compare your work with real model solutions created by the General Electric team.

  1. Use data to create a run chart and KPI (key performance indicators) tables based on simulated Aviation data.

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Top 4 Virtual Internships To do In 2020
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