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Scroll Bottom Navigation Bar

Hide or show bottom navigation bar while scrolling.

"Scroll Bottom Navigation Bar"

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Google Nav Bar

A modern google style nav bar for flutter.

"Google Nav Bar"

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Flutter Cupertino Stackview

A very easy-to-use navigation tool/widget for having iOS 13 style stacks.
The “StackView” system, as I like to call it because I don’t know the real name, is now the default navigation system for iOS 13. As a fan of this, I decided to implement a very easy-to-use version of it for Flutter as well.

"Flutter Cupertino Stackview"

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Flutter Rolling Nav Bar

Playful and customizable bottom navigation bar for Flutter
A bottom nav bar with layout inspired by this design and with heavily customizable animations, colors, and shapes.

"Flutter Rolling Nav Bar"

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Flutter Ffnavigationbar

A highly configurable navigation bar with emphasis for the selected item.
Configurable navigation bar for Flutter

"Flutter Ffnavigationbar"

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Bottom Personalized Dot Bar

Bottom Personalized Dot Bar
A bottom navigation bar that you can customize with the options you need, without any limits. You can also customize the appearance of the navigation bar.

The development was inspired by the following design: personalized-tab-bar

"Bottom Personalized Dot Bar"

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Extended Navbar Scaffold

Custom Extended Scaffold .A Custom Extended Scaffold with Expandable and Floating Navigation Bar
Custom Flutter widgets that makes Bottom Navigation Floating and can be expanded with much cleaner and easier way.

"Extended Navbar Scaffold"

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flutter Morpheus

A Flutter package for easily implementing Material Design navigation transitions.

"flutter Morpheus"

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Bottom Navy Bar

A beautiful and animated bottom navigation. The navigation bar use your current theme, but you are free to customize it.

"Bottom Navy Bar"

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Curved Navigation Bar

Animated Curved Navigation Bar in Flutter A Flutter package for easy implementation of curved navigation bar.

"Curved Navigation Bar"

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Fancy Bottom Navigation

Flutter plugin - FancyBottomNavigation

"Fancy Bottom Navigation"

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Flip Box Bar

A 3D Bottom Navigation Bar in Flutter

"Flip Box Bar"

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Flutter Navigation Dot Bar

A library of Flutter to add a new style in the navigation bar. Una libreria de Flutter, el cual agrega un BottomNavigationBar con un mejor estilo. Inspirada en la aplicacion “Reflectly”

"Flutter Navigation Dot Bar"

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Flutter Swiper

The best swiper for flutter , with multiple layouts, infinite loop. Compatible with Android & iOS.

"Flutter Swiper"

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Flutter Page View Indicator

Builds indication marks for PageView.

"Flutter Page View Indicator"

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Fluro is a Flutter routing library that adds flexible routing options like wildcards, named parameters and clear route definitions.



  • Simple route navigation
  • Function handlers (map to a function instead of a route)
  • Wildcard parameter matching
  • Querystring parameter parsing
  • Common transitions built-in
  • Simple custom transition creation

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Top 16 Flutter Navigation Libraries | Flutter Development Libraries
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