Recently I had a challenge to create a development environment that would be safe and without using any type of VPN, for many, it may seem impossible because the use of VPN is something widespread and common, however I started to search for alternatives to provide a safe environment for all the people who are going to access some ui and dashboard.

The first step for this was to segregate the accesses of the UI, creating users by profile. With that we have a security layer, which depends exclusively on the tool you are using, let’s go to a hypothetical scenario;

Suppose you just implemented a new CI / CD tool for your company, and with that, you ask the network team for a new DNS entry, where xxx is your company. the network people do this and now you have your Jenkins accessible through the company’s VPN, however you talk to the network people and convince them that the Jenkins login UI is secure and they make the DNS accessible through the DMZ.


How to Easily Protect Kuberntes Using Cognito
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