How To Build A Website With Bluehost 2021

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Hey guys, thanks for checking out my how to build a website on bluehost video. Nowadays it has become especially critical for any brand, business, or personal endeavor to have a website that goes along with it. Seeing as a large portion of the human population has access to the internet, it makes sense why it’s such a fundamental area to have a website for whatever thing you’re pursuing.

Still, many people are confused about where they can begin with building a website in 2021. Whether it’s their fear of having to code or just not knowing anything about web-building, it can be extremely overwhelming to begin the process. Regardless, we’re going to discuss how to build a website with Bluehost 2021 style.

If you know anything about building a website, then you more than likely know how crucial it is to find the right web host for your site. Thus, we’re going to highlight what Bluehost is, choosing the right hosting package, picking a domain name, installing WordPress, and much more.

What’s Bluehost?

For those that don’t know, Bluehost is one of many web hosting companies that grants users the ability to have a website online. Think of a web host as the way to put your site online for people to check out. As you can imagine, there are many web hosts in the world, but Bluehost is one of the best for several reasons.

Choose a Hosting Package

Before doing anything else, head over to Bluehost’s website. Here is where you’ll find their wide range of hosting packages, all of which vary in their pros and cons. Depending on your budget and site requirements, some packages will fit your needs a lot better than others. Thus, definitely take a close look through.

Bluehost’s most affordable option is $2.95 a month, where you can start a simple website or blog at a very affordable rate. If you hope to grow your site or have a lot of needs, you may want to consider one of the more premium options, such as its online store or managed WordPress package. Either way, pick a hosting package and move on to find the right domain for you.

Pick a Great Domain

In case you didn’t know, a domain is what people will type into their web browser to get to your site. Once you have a package selected from Bluehost, it’ll prompt you to a screen to pick a domain name. Depending on which package you chose, you may be granted a free domain. Either way, you’ll need one for your site.

A good rule of thumb is to pick a domain name that’s easy to remember while being a good representation of your site. For example, if you’re a sports blog, obviously your domain should be something that’s in the sports world. It wouldn’t make sense to have a sports blog carry the domain name of

Install WordPress Onto Your Site

After you have a web hosting package selected and a great domain name, here comes the part of installing WordPress. Bluehost has an excellent button that walks you through the steps of what you’ll need to do. Keep in mind, you’ll need to download WordPress from, not

Music: is where you would go to skip the entire hosting process entirely. Although this way is a touch easier, it’s nowhere near as versatile as having a web host. Regardless, follow the steps until it says WordPress has installed. Go to your site to make sure it did, and move on to the next step.

Pick a Fitting Theme

To go on your site’s dashboard, all you have to do is type /wp-admin onto the end of your URL, login, and you’re there. First, head over to the appearance tab and click on theme. A theme is what gives your site a specific look, so take a gander through and find a theme that works for your site. There are also third-party sites where you can upload a more premium theme.

Add Content

After your theme is selected and uploaded, here comes the fun part of adding content to your site. There is a lot here, so much so that it’s impossible to totally cover. Regardless, realize pages are what you’d used for stagnant areas of your site, like about sections. Posts refer to the content that appears on your home page

Plug-ins are add-ons to your site that allow you more functionality. Menus refer to the top section of your site where people navigate around it. The footer is opposite the menu and is what people see at the bottom. Definitely take a few hours and see what each section does so you can get the most out of your site. At this point, congrats! You built a website with Bluehost.

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How To Build A Website With Bluehost 2021 [Made Easy]
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