A web extension for Pixiv

Pixiv Toolkit

Pixiv Tookit is a webextension for Pixiv users. You can download animation, manga, illusion and novel from Pixiv with using this.

How to install

If you are using Chrome, you can download it from Chrome web store.

If you are using Firefox, you can download it from Firefox Add-ons.

If you are not using Chrome or Firefox, you can try clone the project to your local machine, and build the extension by yourself.

How to build

To build the extension, you need these tools below:

  • nodejs
  • python2

After you install these, run commands step by step:

npm install
npm run build # build for Chrome
npm run build:firefox # or build for Firefox

Then you can install the extension manually.

How to use

There is a layer with a arrow will appear at the center bottom of the page if the page has available content. Click the arrow to active the action panel, then enjoy.

Something wrong?

Please feel free to submit a issue if you have trouble with using this.

Download Details:

Author: leoding86

Source Code: https://github.com/leoding86/webextension-pixiv-toolkit

#vuejs #vue #javascript

A web extension for Pixiv
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