GitHub Super Linter aims to automate the process of setting up your GitHub repositories so they will use the appropriate linter for your language whenever a pull request is created.

According to GitHub, its Super Linter will make it easier for developers to ensure broken code never makes it into their master branches. When using Super Linter,

any time you open a pull request, it will start linting the code case and return via the Status API. It will let you know if any of your code changes passed successfully, or if any errors were detected, where they are, and what they are.

After fixing all detected issues, the developer can update the pull request and if Super Linter finds no additional issues, the pull request will be created.

GitHub Super Linter basically takes care of configuring GitHub repositories to run a GitHub Action for each new pull request. It packages a number of previously available open source linters into a Docker container that is called by GitHub Actions. Super Linter supports many languages, including JavaScript, Python3, Perl, TypeScript, Golang, and many others.

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GitHub Super Linter Helps Developers Ensure No Broken Code Is Merged
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