The BA, or Business Analyst. This is a role often used on software teams. There are those that state the role does not fit with the Agile team. Has the role gone the way of the dinosaur? I don’t think the role has seen its last leg. There are still important functions for the role, on the Agile team.

In conjunction with the team, the role can power up your delivery.

In the Age of Agile, the BA can play an important part. I argue that the role can be leveraged to great impact. In conjunction with the team, the role can power up your delivery. It can be used to help enable the success of the team. Lets back up first, before we get into what the role can do to enable your team.

What is the BA?

The Business Analyst role, or BA, is a role that comes from more traditional software development processes. I’m not diving into the history of it here. Nobody wants to go through that! What is important is knowing the start. The role came to be as a link between the system team and the business team. The role is responsible for “translating” the needs of the business to the system team. IE, providing the requirements the team works from.

The role has evolved over time. Morphing to take on other responsibilities as well. Another example is that sometimes that role owns testing. In order to exist in the age of Agile, the role morphs yet again. Now that we have seen a bit about the past, let’s continue, shall we?

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Is The BA Role Extinct In Agile?
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