A picker (dropdown) for React Native which supports both Android & iOS

React native dropdown picker

A picker (dropdown) component for react native which supports both Android & iOS.

Getting Started

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via NPM
npm install react-native-dropdown-picker --save
via Yarn
yarn add react-native-dropdown-picker

Basic Usage

First of all import the package.

import DropDownPicker from 'react-native-dropdown-picker';

Render the component.

        {label: 'Item 1', value: 'item1'},
        {label: 'Item 2', value: 'item2'},
    containerStyle={{height: 40}}
    onChangeItem={item => console.log(item.label, item.value)}

Default item

You may want to select one of the items as default.

Use one of these ways:

  1. Add selected: true to the object.

        {label: 'Item 1', value: 'item1'},
        {label: 'Item 2', value: 'item2', selected: true},
  2. The defaultIndex property.

  3. The defaultValue property.



You may want to have a placeholder while the default value is null.

Add the following properties to the component.

placeholder="Select an item"

Dynamic placeholder

In some cases you’re going to create two or more pickers which are linked together.

Think of a country picker and city picker, whenever you’re changing the country, the city picker should be reset and show the placeholder.

import React from 'react';
export default class MyComponent extends React.Component {
    constructor(props) {

        this.state = {
            country: null,
            city: null,
            cities: []

    changeCountry(item) {
        let city = null;
        let cities;
        switch (item.value) {
            case 'fr':
                cities = [
                    {label: 'Paris', value: 'paris'}
            case 'es':
                cities = [
                    {label: 'Madrid', value: 'madrid'}


    changeCity(item) {
            city: item.value

    render() {
        return (
                        {label: 'France', value: 'fr'},
                        {label: 'Spain', value: 'es'},
                    placeholder="Select your country"
                    containerStyle={{height: 40}}
                    onChangeItem={item => this.changeCountry(item)}
                    defaultNull={this.state.city === null}
                    placeholder="Select your city"
                    containerStyle={{height: 40}}
                    onChangeItem={item => this.changeCity(item)}

Dropdown Overflow

Adding borders to the component will separate or overflow elements. to solve this issue you just need to add marginTop to the dropDownStyle and specify the value which fits your component well.

dropDownStyle={{marginTop: 2}}

Styling the component

You have 9 options to style the component.

  1. The style property.

    Use this to adjust the inner part of the picker.

    style={{paddingVertical: 10}}
  2. The dropDownStyle property.

    Additional styles for the dropdown box.

    dropDownStyle={{backgroundColor: '#fafafa}}
  3. The containerStyle property.

    Use this to adjust the outer part of the picker such as margin, width, height.

    containerStyle={{width: 150, height: 70}}
  4. The itemStyle property.

    If you want the labels on the left and right side or to centerize them:

    itemStyle={{alignItems: 'flex-start|flex-end|center'}}
  5. The labelStyle property.

    This property gives full control over the label.

    labelStyle={{fontSize: 14, color: '#000'}}
  6. The placeholderStyle property.

    It is possible to style the placeholder text with this property.

    placeholderStyle={{fontWeight: 'bold'}}
  7. The activeItemStyle property.

    This property allows you to style the active item.

    activeItemStyle={{alignItems: 'center'}}
  8. The activeLabelStyle property.

    This property allows you to style the active label.

    activeLabelStyle={{color: 'red'}}
  9. The arrowStyle property.

    Adds your additional styles to the View element of the arrow.

    arrowStyle={{marginRight: 10}}


Name Description Type Default Required
items The items for the component. array Yes
defaultIndex The index of the default item. number 0 No
defaultValue The value of the default item. any No
defaultNull This sets the choice to null which should be used with placeholder bool true No
placeholder Default text to be shown to the user which must be used with defaultNull string ‘Select an item’ No
dropDownMaxHeight Height of the dropdown box. number 150 No
style Additional styles for the picker. object {} No
dropDownStyle Additional styles for the dropdown box. object {} No
containerStyle Additional styles for the container view. object {} No
itemStyle Additional styles for the items. object {} No
labelStyle Additional styles for the labels. object {} No
placeholderStyle Additional styles for the placeholder text. object {} No
activeItemStyle Additional styles for the active item. object {} No
activeLabelStyle Additional styles for the active label. object {} No
arrowStyle Additional styles for the arrow. object {} No
arrowColor The color of arrow icons string #000 No
arrowSize The size of the arrow. number 15 No
showArrow An option to show/hide the arrow. bool true No
customArrowUp Customize the arrow-up. jsx null No
customArrowDown Customize the arrow-down. jsx null No
zIndex This property specifies the stack order of the component. number 5000 No
disabled This disables the component. bool false No
onChangeItem Callback which returns item and index. The item is the selected object. function No

Download Details:

Author: hossein-zare

GitHub: https://github.com/hossein-zare/react-native-dropdown-picker

#react-native #react #programming

A picker (dropdown) for React Native which supports both Android & iOS
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