Android Programming Course - Kotlin, Jetpack Compose UI, Graph Data Structures & Algorithms

Create an Android app with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose UI. Learn about Graph data structures and algorithms by building a Sudoku app.

⌨️ (0:00:16) Introduction & Overview: Topics, Source
⌨️ (0:02:39) App Design Approach: 3rd Party Library Minimalism & MV-Whatever Architecture
⌨️ (0:04:50) Domain package: Repository Pattern, Enum, Data Class, Sealed Class, Hash Code, Interfaces
⌨️ (0:34:39) Common package: Extension Functions & Variables, Open-Closed Principle (OCP), Abstract Class, Singleton
⌨️ (0:50:20) Persistence (Storage) package: Clean Architecture Back End w/ Java File System Storage, Jetpack Proto Datastore
⌨️ (1:28:07) UI package: Jetpack Compose UI Basics, Styles, Typography,  Light & Dark Themes
⌨️ (1:39:56) UI Components package: Modifiers, Reusable Toolbar & Loading Screens
⌨️ (1:52:08) UI Active Game Feature package: Presentation Logic & ViewModel w/ Coroutines, Kotlin Function Types
⌨️ (2:30:55) UI Active Game Feature package: Sudoku Game with Jetpack Compose UI & Activity Container
Note: In a larger App, I'd suggest using Fragments as Containers; didn't make sense to with this app though
⌨️ (3:15:58) Computation Logic package:  Overview, design, and testing of Graph DS & Algos for n-sized *square* Sudokus

💻 Full Source Code Here:: 
💻 Starting Point Branch Here: 

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Create an Android App with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose
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