Let’s see the top JavaScript frameworks are for 2020

  1. Vue.js
  2. Aurelia
  3. Next.Js
  4. Riot.Js
  5. WebRx
  6. Angular


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Vue.js (Image source and credits: Vue.js website)

Vue.Js is an open-source framework. It has been built on — Angular and React. Vue.Js offers many useful features and has been a simple yet effective solution for many cross-platform applications. Top websites built using Vue.js :


No of visitors: 49.29M visitors

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Behance- The website is used by Graphic designers to showcase their talents across the world. They have used Vue.JS as a front-end programming language.


No of visitors: 22.11M visitors

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Gitlab is a web-based version controlling repository for the source code which has several membership options. It is developed using Vue on front-end development.

Where to get started? Start from here:


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The Top 6 JavaScript Frameworks for 2020
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