As mobile phones usage has been progressively increasing, even imparting rides to someone else is done by the applications. With low expenses and high availability, the car pooling app businesses have been doing exceptionally well.

Blablacar has become an extremely popular business with its tremendous productivity. For any startups or business entrepreneurs, a best Blablacar clone app can be the first step for a new venture.

The features are the root cause for an app’s success. So here are some main features that can make the BlaBlaCar clone app successful.

Login: Users can register and login using their social media accounts

Create profile: Having a profile containing information about name, contact, payment preferences and tracking.

Scheduling: Trips can be scheduled in advance saving time for both drivers and riders.

Estimate time and fair: This is one important tool where riders can be able to see the estimate of both time and fare.

Real-time tracking: Riders can track the ride once it is booked. They would also get to share the status of the ride with friends and family.

Rating system: Both the riders and drivers can make the experience better by giving ratings for each ride.

Simplified payment: Having multiple payment gateway options in the app would give the rider more convenience. Drivers can withdraw their earnings easily.

Invoice generation: Riders and drivers can get the invoice for the taxation process if needed.

Referral programs: Give regular customers and drivers rewards like incentives, promo codes and referrals.

The BlaBlaCar clone business model:

Since it is a car pooling app, the app would be similar to that of the taxi booking service. But the difference is that the drivers would share their ride details and the riders travelling in the same route will be matched.

This is a win-win situation since both the rider and driver would get the advantages.

Advantage for driver:

  • They could earn extra income
  • They can work in the convenient time without any targets
  • Comfortable rides are assured.

Advantage for passenger:

  • Cost of travel is reduced
  • Convenient and comfortable rides are assured.

The advantages are right here, so get your own Blablacar Clone script from developers like Appdupe at an affordable price. Don’t wait because the right time is here!

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