Dynamics 365 CRM Clone Records

Click2Clone is a solution designed to enhance the cloning capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly known as Dynamics CRM). Click2Clone is developed by Inogic, a company that specializes in creating productivity solutions for Dynamics 365.

Key features of Click2Clone may include:

Entity Cloning: Click2Clone allows users to clone records within Dynamics 365, creating copies of entities such as leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and more.

Related Records Cloning: Users can clone not only the main record but also related records associated with it. This can include related activities, notes, and other connected data.

Mapping Fields: Click2Clone may provide options to map fields between the original and cloned records, ensuring that relevant data is carried over accurately.

Clone Workflows and Business Process Flows: The solution might support cloning workflows and business process flows associated with records, maintaining the automation and processes linked to the original data.

Template Cloning: Users may have the ability to create and use cloning templates, allowing for predefined configurations when cloning records.

Bulk Cloning: Click2Clone might offer bulk cloning features, enabling users to clone multiple records simultaneously.

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