3 GitHub Repositories You Must Know as a Developer

When I first stepped into the web development world, git and GitHub were the things that I went to learn after so long. I always used to avoid it in my learning phase. But when I got used to it, it was really helpful.

GitHub is not just a version control. There is so much more great stuff for you to discover. And in this story, I will be talking of 3 GitHub repositories that I think you must know as a developer. These repositories helped me become a better developer. And I believe they will be of value to you too.

1. Free Programming Books

Readers are leaders, even in the programming world. Reading books allow you to get introduced to a concept in an unbiased and complete manner and you can pick what you need.

Courses are great. But if you want a reason why books are better, it is because most of the time when we see a tutorial, we see someone coding or an actual person telling us how to do things. This can trick your brain as if the job is done because you have seen someone coding, and you realize you can do it too. But in reality, you do not do it. You do not write the actual code. This is a big problem.

Books allow us to test our knowledge and understanding of a subject and apply it to a real machine. you are compelled to write the actual code if you want to see the results in action. This repository has over 157k stars.

Check it here

2. Public API

APIs allow applications to communicate with each other. They facilitate the development processes by providing functionalities you need for your project.

This GitHub repository is a collection of free APIs available to use in the software and web development world. APIs are lifesavers. And every developer needs them. No matter what niche you are programming for, an API can solve your problem with much less effort and in much less time. So this repository is for you. It has over 94.5k start

Check it here

3. You Don’t Know JS

JavaScript is not what it used to be when it first came out. It is so much better. It is the language that powers the web. Hence it makes sense that there is so much new to learn. A front-end developer cannot survive without a good understanding of JavaScript.

JavaScript is one of the essential things you need to have in your skillset to become good and earn a decent amount. I have seen people doing astonishing stuff with just vanilla JavaScript. And you can do it too. But you need a solid foundation and good understanding.

This GitHub repository is a series of books diving deep into JavaScript. It is a valuable resource for both new and experienced developers. It has well over 127k stars.

Everyone cannot afford to buy courses that cost an arm and a leg. So we need good, free resources. I believe all these GitHub repositories will help you as a developer. Feel free to share what you think is a must-know repository.

Thank you for reading!

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3 GitHub Repositories You Must Know as a Developer
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