JavaScript Variables and JavaScript Data Types explained for Beginners | JavaScript Tutorial

In this video I explain 2 basic building blocks of JavaScript, which are Variables and Data Types.

I cover JavaScript’s 5 data types: Numbers, Strings, Boolean, Array and Object, which I explain with simple examples to understand real life use cases of how these data types are useful in programming. 👩🏻‍💻
Variables is another very important concept in software development in general. Based on simple use cases you will understand what variables are and why you need them.

Some of the scenarios covered:

  • online shop
  • user input
  • social media websites

0:40 - Where to write JavaScript?
1:58 - Data Types
1:58 - Number
3:19 - String
4:52 - Boolean
6:20 - Array
7:41 - Object
10:08 - Working with Numbers
11:44 - Plus (+) operator with Strings (String Concatenation)
13:03 - What are Variables and Use Cases for when you need Variables

❇️ This is a complete JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners. If you are completely new to programming this will give you a step by step guide to learn JavaScript basic concepts and syntax. 🙂 ❇️

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JavaScript Tutorial: Variables & Data Types
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