Free Web-Based Point Of Sale System build with Laravel, TailwindCSS, and Vue.Js

NexoPOS 4.x

NexoPOS 4 is the major upgrade of the version 3.x built from scratch using Laravel, TailwindCSS, Vue and other open-source resources. Based on the experience we had on the version 3.x we’ve learn from our mistakes and from our customers expectations. NexoPOS 4.x will keep what you’ve liked on the version 3.x and improve it by adding handy feature.

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This version available for free, aims to be more :

  • Extensible & Flexible
  • Fast & Secured
  • Built Truly for small and large businesses

Same as the version 3.x, NexoPOS 4.x will support modules that will ensure extensibility. For those currently using NexoPOS 3.x there should be a module that will ensure the migration to that major upgrade.

Major Additions & Benefits

Thanks to Laravel, NexoPOS will offer a lot of interesting issue that wasn’t possible using CodeIgniter. Most of all we’ll have a clear and testable code base, important to keep improving the application without bringing additionnal issues. But also, asynchronous operation will ensure a working application that perform long task behind the scene while the application remains blazing fast. The email wasn’t perfect on NexoPOS 3.x, that will be solved on NexoPOS 4.x. Let’s recapt the major additions.

  • Asynchronous Stock Operation (control avialable stock)
  • Asynchronous Notifications (get emailed about exausted, damaged & expired stock)
  • Grouped Actions For Components (example bulk change category for selected products)
  • Using PHP 7.4 more fast and reliable than PHP 7.1 (required on NexoPOS 3.x)
  • Really Responsive UI (to ensure a better support of mobile devices)
  • Unit of Measure embedded
  • Better Stock Taking Operation
  • Improved Stock Transfer with transport Progress (might be provided as a module)
  • Offline Service*
  • Accurate Stock Report (shows when a product sold has been procured).
  • Remote Printing With Nexo Print Server 4.x
  • A lot more coming up…


Before showing the step to install the application there is prior consideration to have in mind. The current root folder of the application, having the folders “app”, “bootstrap”, “config”… shouldn’t be at the root of your server. If you’re using Linux, you should configure apache to use the folder “public” (where the index.php is located) as the RootDocument of the installation. For Windows users, with laragon, you can also point what is the root directory. This technique prevents a lot of exploits.

The following installation steps require additionnal skills on using CLI (Command Line Interface), but when we’ll release NexoPOS builds, that will be a full installation with all the dependencies. We might also create an installer with a very simplified user interface.

Note: If you’re running on linux, chances are the user that runs httpd process doesn’t have any right on the directory where NexoPOS 4.x is installed. Ideally, you’ll ake sure to chown php-fpm . -R if the user running php is “php-fpm” (otherwise it should be “apache”).

  • Make sure to have PHP 7.4 & Apache Configured with required extensions : php-xml, php-mbstring, php-msqli… These are often already provided by virtual server like Laragon, XAMP, WAMP, MAMP.
  • Installing Composer.
  • Install Git (that will be helfpul if you want to contribue or just to download).
  • Run the following CLI command on the directory where NexoPOS should be installed : sudo git clone
  • Run on the CLI cd NexoPOS-4x, if that’s the directory name created by the previous step.
  • Run on the CLI composer install, to install Laravel and all dependencies.
  • If the project comes without a .env file, you need to create one. You can use the .env.example that should be available at the root. A quick copy paste command will be to do so cp .env.example .env. Then run php artisan key:generate
  • (Optional) Run on the CLI npm i to install JavaScript dependencies if you plan to contribute.
  • (Optional) Run php artisan serve if you don’t have your virtual server pointing to your installation. This will run a php server for development purpose only.

As NexoPOS doesn’t have a frontend already, you’ll end on the default Laravel page. Access /do-setup/ to launch the installer.

Must Read For NexoPOS 3.x Users

1 - As NexoPOS 4.x is built from scratch, none of NexoPOS 3.x extensions are compatible. If you have purchased any NexoPOS 3.x extensions (Gastro, Self Ordering Kiosk), it won’t work with NexoPOS 4.x.

2 - If you need support about NexoPOS 4.x (if you have an issue), post an issue here on Github. If you have an issue with NexoPOS 3.x or any of the related extension, please contact the support via

3 - If you have recently acquired NexoPOS 3.x, you’ll still be able to use that version. But we’ll offer a migration service to switch to NexoPOS 4.x and that service might be paid.

Support Terms

1 - The support on NexoPOS 4.x only applies to the information provided by the users while creating an issue. This means we won’t either do the installation on your server or check an issue on your server. You’re therefore invited not to post your server information while creating an issue. We’ll use your explanations to reproduce your issue and therefore to solve it.

2 - The premium support on NexoPOS 4.x is a paid service and is handled on a different channel.

Regarding Release Date

NexoPOS 4.x is developped actively only by @Blair2004. As this is a complete rebuild of software that has been made for 3 years, we cannot be accurate on the release date of that version. We’ve expect that version to be released by the end of September 2020 but might take more time as there are new challenges. That remains however our priority and will make sure to release it as soon as possible. It might be the perfect time to talk about contribution.


Here we list the knowns issues and the way around. Not everyone is likely to face these issues as it depends on the used enviroment.

  • Error After Database Details (using php artisan serve) If you’re serving the project using php artisan serve, after setting up the database credentails and having them validated, you migth stop on an infinite loading page.

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This is caused because during the database setup, the “.env” is updated which cause Laravel to restart the development server and therefore invalidate your session. The way around, is just to refresh the page and you’ll end up on the application details section.

Contribution Guidelines

Do you plan to contribute? That’s awesome. We don’t have that much developer on it, so we’re open to any type of contributions. If you’re a developper, you’ll start by forking the project and deploying that locally for further tests. If you just have some ideas, consider posting that as an issue. We’ll review the ideas and decide to implement it.


Download Details:

Author: Blair2004

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Free Web-Based Point Of Sale System build with Laravel, TailwindCSS, and Vue.Js
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