In an agreement that brings about a “sail-setting” change for the content writers and publishers, Coil, the micropayment-streaming expert has shaken hands with Hacker Noon. The deal will see the former investing a sum of $1 million into the funding for Hacker Noon. This enables Coil to get the authority for streaming the micropayments to the content developers who are the publishers or hosts on Hacker Noon. The micropayments will be streamed through the custom digital currency wallets or even the fiat currencies.

The $1 million invested amount is said to be particularly directed to the software development and other issues for Hacker Noon after their split with Medium. The deal also sees Coil get a significant stake of 8% and a few other privileges in the Hacker Noon platform. The deal is already done and the companies have issued a formal recognition of it too.

Hacker Noon and its Preamble

Hacker Noon also happens to be one of the well-sought platforms for the technologists and also the crypto experts. The platform also sees a host of these individuals who publish, read, and write for the concerned area of expertise.

An idea of Hacker Noon’s individual significance can be understood from the fact that it hosts almost 4 million potential readers in a month. The platform presently has a strength of 12,000+ active content contributors who are publishing or writing these contents.

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Revolutionizing the Idea of Content Micro-Tipping — Coil Shaken Hands with Hacker Noon
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