Part III: Design a simple iOS application in Flutter that communicates with your Dialogflow agent

See also  Part I and  Part II

1) Summary of part II

The last article described how to build a simple Chatbot with Google Dialogflow that is able to get Trade Flows exchanged between two countries, using the Euler Hermes Open Data WebServices APIs. The presentation layer was relying on Google Assistant to display the results. But you may have noticed that the Google Assistant is very limited as you cannot customize the layout of components. For example, the Table object can display a maximum of 4–5 columns without any horizontal scrolling.

2) Summary of this article

This article has the following objective:

  • Go beyond the limitation of Google Assistant layout
  • Design a simple multi platform application in Flutter able to:
  • Authenticate securely and use our Dialogflow Agent

  • Display a rich and flexible UI on mobile devices (Here, iOS but could also be Android or a Web app)

  • Manage customized Payload Dialogflow messages to exchange information between Dialogflow and our Flutter application

The additional benefit is that the designed mobile application would be dynamic. It could react and display components depending on business logic contained on payload messages that are sent from your NLP conversational backend engine.

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Enterprise-grade Multi Platform Virtual Assistant with Google Dialogflow & Flutter
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