If you are a web developer, app developer, or any kind of developer, it’s important to have a great github portfolio. This is a new github feature that allows you to style or account page with a readme file. Similar to github pages, a portfolio github page appears on your account page above your public repositories and activity.

The github profile readme.md file helps make this happen. You can also use github profile readme generator to do it quickly. For your github profile resume, you want to make sure you show off things similar to a CV. If you want to learn how to add a readme to your github profile, this video will help how to setup a github profile readme.

In this example, I show how to create a github portfolio readme file and start configuring it to show off things like images, examples of work, statistics and more. If you are looking for a tutorial to build a portfolio on github, this should help you in that process.


GitHub Profile Readme
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