I wanted to create a full stack project that had a simple backend with some data and a frontend to display it. That’s it.

The objective is not really to get into the details of CRUD operations, creating APIs or the other fundamentals concepts that come with developing a full stack application. It is to simply express the bare minimum of what is necessary to achieve communication between the two components.

What I will cover is how to:

  1. Create a spring project for the backend using spring initializr
  • Create spring project
  • Create JPA entities that represent the model
  • Set up repository and store data to H2 database
  • Create a controller to act as a mediator between the view and the model
  1. Create a react project for the frontend using create-react-app
  • Create react project
  • Fetch data from backend
  • Display info from returned request

#web-development #javascript #react #spring-boot

How To Setup Spring MVC With React
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