A powerful UI toolkit for managing JavaScript apps

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A tool for visually organizing, creating and managing JavaScript projects. The framework and stack don’t matter. If the project has a package.json, it belongs here.



  • Organize and group apps
  • Generate new apps
  • Search apps
  • Quick actions
  • Kill a port
  • Project dashboard
  • Search project files
  • Run scripts
  • Manage dependencies
  • Apply plugins
  • Generate new files
  • Kill all node processes

Keyboard Shortcuts

Project View

e - open project in editor
r - refresh project info, files, scripts, etc.


ctrl + c - kill current process
ctrl + r - restart current process


  • Import existing projects
  • Manage and organize projects in groups
  • Collapse, rename or delete groups
  • Mark a project with a red border if it’s not using Git yet

Quick actions

  • Open the project in Finder
  • Open the project in your editor of choice (configurable in Settings)
  • Quick preview of package.json
  • Open the GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab page for the project
  • Start the project
  • Remove the project from the dashboard


  • Easily search all of your projects by pressing Cmd + Shift + P
  • Choosing a project will navigate to the project dashboard
  • Expect more Alfred-like functionality soon

Generate an app

  • Generate a new app using a popular cli
  • Supports React, Vue, Angular, Gatsby, React Native, Expo, etc.
  • Configure advanced options for each generator

generate project

Kill a port

  • For times when something annoying is running on a port and the process just can’t be killed

kill a port

Project dashboard

project dashboard


Note: This feature must be enabled from the Settings first

  • Index and display a list of all of the folders and files in a project
  • Click a file to quickly preview it
  • Press Cmd + Shift + N to quickly navigate and preview a file


Run scripts

  • See a list of all the scripts and run them with a press of a button
  • Run multiple scripts at once
  • The scripts run in an integrated Terminal that supports multiple tabs so you can see the output, or you can minimize it if you don’t care



  • See two separate lists of the project dependencies and dev dependencies
  • Easily install a dependency and specify a version
  • Move a dependency to dev dependencies and vice-versa
  • Update the version of a dependency to the latest version



  • Plugins have the ability to install new dependencies, remove dependencies, modify scripts, remove and add new files to a project
  • Right now the following plugins are available: - Storybook: Installs storybook and adds the needed files to the project - Plop: Adds the plop generator to the project. It also adds a default plop-templates folder, a plopfile.js. - Add .env: Adds an .env file to the project. Soon this file will be editable through UI. - Rewire: Installs react-app-rewired and adds a default config-overrides.js file

Note: plugins will be separated from the repo soon so anyone can publish their own plugin


Generate files

  • Automatically detect a plopfile.js and quickly generate files from existing templates.
  • If plopfile.js is not present or you are not familiar with plop run the Plop plugin and it will generate the needed files for you

Download Details:

Author: kitze

GitHub: https://github.com/kitze/JSUI

#javascript #programming

A powerful UI toolkit for managing JavaScript apps
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