I'm moving away from VSCode as this new IDE has stolen my ❤️.  It has a built in option that allows you to share your code and make it editable for all parties whilst video chatting(!!!) and so much more...

Video content:
00:00 Introduction
01:56 Getting Started
03:11 Getting projects via URLs
06:36 Preconfigured Templates (React, Angular, Vue, TypeScript etc)
11:17 Code Completion and Suggestions
16:41 Adding Code Extensions
18:12 Live Templates
20:57 Refactor Tool
23:36 Live HTML Preview
24:50 Checking Warnings and Typos
26:00 Code Replacements and File Navigations
27:13 Code With Me - Virtual Pair Programming option. (share the code in your IDE directly with another user, and communicate via video or chat in the IDE)

#coding #vscode 

Bye Bye VSCode! What I Use Now is INSANE!
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