Have you ever just looked at some of the most popular websites in the world and wondered how good the developers of these websites must be? Well, you can be that developer.

The Recommended Videos page of our YouTube clone

In this four part series, we will build a YouTube clone from scratch that will fetch the data from YouTube and render it using React. Following are the different parts of this tutorial

  • Part 1 — Getting the API Key and Building the SideBar & Header (This one)
  • Part 2 — Building the Recommended Videos page (Coming Soon)
  • Part 2 — Building the Search Page (Coming Soon)
  • Part 3 — Building the Video Player Page (Coming Soon)

If you don’t like reading and are interested in the source code, scroll to the end of this story.

_Note: _The tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge of JavaScript and React.

#javascript #design #react #web-development

How to Build a YouTube Clone with React - Part 1
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