Expo Config Potential: Out-of-Tree Plugins

Expo Config Plugins

  • A collection of Expo config plugins for configuring the npx expo prebuild command.
  • This repo is to Expo config plugins as DefinitelyTyped is to TypeScript.
  • We prefer packages ship their own Expo config plugin (to ensure versioning is aligned), but if they haven't adopted the system yet, the community can add a package here.
  • All packages here are community maintained. Feel free to improve docs, packages, tests, etc.
  • We maintain a 1-1 mapping of native packages@config-plugins/*. This means there should be no general utility packages here -- those are better suited for a different repo / NPM namespace.


Here is a list of known packages that have a built-in Config Plugin.

Not all packages need a config plugin, packages that don't appear here might still work with managed EAS.

  • React Native Firebase (@react-native-firebase/perf, @react-native-firebase/app, @react-native-firebase/crashlytics)
  • react-native-nfc-manager
  • react-native-health
  • @react-native-mapbox-gl/maps
  • @logrocket/react-native
  • sentry-expo
  • @leanplum/react-native-sdk
  • react-native-fbsdk-next
  • @stripe/stripe-react-native
  • @react-native-voice/voice
  • react-native-imglysdk
  • @viro-community/react-viro -- Guide
  • react-native-msal
  • react-native-spotlight-search
  • newrelic-react-native-agent
  • react-native-videoeditorsdk
  • notifee
  • App Clips
  • iOS Safari Extensions
  • react-native-ble-plx


More out-of-tree plugins which can be used to configure more packages.

  • onesignal-expo-plugin (for use with react-native-onesignal)
    • Configures iOS Notification Service Extensions for rich push notification and custom notification actions.
  • @lyrahealth-inc/react-native-orientation-plugin (for use with react-native-orientation-plugin)
  • airship-expo-plugin (for use with urbanairship-react-native)
  • config-plugin-react-native-intercom (for use with intercom-react-native)
  • @allboatsrise/expo-marketingcloudsdk (for use with react-native-marketingcloudsdk)
  • @ouvio/react-native-background-location-plugin (for use with react-native-background-location-plugin)
  • expo-community-flipper (for use with Flipper)
  • expo-appcenter (for use with appcenter)
  • react-native-keyevent-expo-config-plugin (for use with react-native-keyevent)
  • watermelondb-expo-plugin (for use with @nozbe/watermelondb)

No Plugin Required

Just install and rebuild! If a package doesn't require any futher setup then it most likely doesn't need an Expo config plugin. Most packages work without a config plugin (including packages not listed below):

  • react-native-share
  • @react-native-menu/menu
  • react-native-blurhash
  • react-native-app-shortcuts
  • react-native-multiple-image-picker
  • @shopify/flash-list

Feel free to open a PR with missing packages.

Download Details:

Author: expo

Official Github: https://github.com/expo/config-plugins 



Expo Config Potential: Out-of-Tree Plugins
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