This digital currency has created a significant place in the financial and investment market due to a lot of good reasons. There are many crypto exchanges in India from where one can buy cryptocurrencies like Wazir X, Coin DCX, Zebpay, and PCEX Member. However, when it comes to selecting the most trusted coin trade platforms to buy cryptocurrencies in India, it is important to choose the exchange platform after doing thorough research about them.
PCEX Member is one of the most preferred and trusted places for buying cryptocurrency. With zero maker and taker charges on spot trading, PCEX Member is a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platform. It employs 5 layer security model which leaves out just 1 in a billion chances of your account being compromised. The 5 layer security model makes this exchange platform stand apart from other coin trade platforms.

To safeguard the accounts from getting compromised, the exchanges have implemented the Google 2 factor authentication feature. The 2FA feature protects the users’ accounts by making sure that only the account holder with a verified mobile number can access the account.

It protects the client’s account from getting compromised in case of the following activities:

  • Using the same password on more than one site.

  • Downloading software from the Internet.

  • Clicking on the links in email messages.

Digital wallets that are used to store and trade cryptocurrencies are usually provided at the exchange platform only. However, most of the digital wallets are held by the platform only but PCEX Member provides full custody of the wallet to its client making the transaction status secure and transparent.

PCEX Member is associated with PCEX, the world’s largest crypto network so liquidity is never a concern for traders on PCEX Member. With the partnership between PCEX and PCEX Member, Indian traders have also got opportunities to access the global cryptocurrency market and earn huge profits on their investment.

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Most Trusted place to Buy cryptocurrency in India
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