Popular peer to peer crypto exchanges like LocalBitcoins, Paxful, and Remitano are making waves in the market as they are stiffly challenging the status quo established by centralized trading platforms. A higher level of user privacy and security will be offered by a p2p trading software.

The typical features of a p2p crypto-products trading platform are

  • Multi-currency support - It supports all the leading fiat and digital currencies existing in the market. This ensures a smooth and glitch-free trading experience.

  • Spot KYC/AML verification - The users undergo KYC/AML verification immediately after they join the platform. This ensures a higher level of authenticity and transparency. It also avoids the risks of any scams.

  • The absence of any third parties - A p2p crypto exchange script operates without any intermediaries. This reduces settlement time and costs and enhances the efficiency of business operations.

  • A Crypto swapping facility - Based on the current market trends and the changes in prices, users can exchange their digital assets directly without the presence of any middleman.

  • A powerful matching engine - Order processing is done quickly by an intuitive matching engine. It accepts many types of orders like a market order, limit order, take-profit, and stop-loss orders. This helps to meet the needs of different crypto buyers and sellers with low latency.

  • A Preferred trading option - Buyers can opt to select their desired sellers for trading and vice-versa. This ensures a higher level of trust and more confidence.

  • An integrated escrow service - The escrow will handle the custody of the asset and will release it to the buyer’s digital wallet only after he has made the payment to the seller.

  • Round the clock customer support - 24x7 technical support is provided in multiple languages to deal with any issues. This boosts the retention rate.

Hence, establish a p2p crypto-products trading platform and lead the market soon.

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A p2p trading software will guarantee glitch-free activities.
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