Redux Components: Effortless State Management Integration


Are you looking for the redux-components website? It's here:

A component model for Redux state trees based on the React.js component model and other familiar design patterns from the React ecosystem.

NB: redux-components 0.4 is built on ES2017+ JavaScript and is a major breaking change from 0.3. If you've written code against the 0.3 or earlier branches, you can stay on the 0.3 branch. If you want to migrate, you should check out redux-components-legacy for the recommended migration path.


$ npm install --save redux-components



Feel free to ask any questions on Gitter:


This is a mono-repo for redux-components and related packages. Please see the packages folder for details on individual components.

The build chain is based on Lerna. npm install, lerna bootstrap, lerna run test should build and test all the packages.

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Author: wcjohnson
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License: MIT license

#redux #components #state #tree 

Redux Components: Effortless State Management Integration
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