I was mucking around Python a few days ago and I stumbled upon this package called pyttsx3 which is basically a wrapper around various text-to-speech package on different platforms. Text-to-speech is not new to me, of course, but I haven’t done anything with it for a long time. I was impressed with the performance and the advancement in capabilities to say the least, though I think most of it came from the platform itself.

As I was playing around it, an idea popped into my mind — can I use it to create audio books?

Audio books are quite commonplace now. Many books have audio versions — they are sold separately and can cost more than the actual books themselves. Audio books, as the word suggests, are a recording of a book or other work being read out loud, usually by a human narrator. Think The Handmaid’s Tale read by Claire Danes, or Ready Player One read by Whil Wheaton or Becoming read by Michelle Obama.

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How to Create Audio Books in Any Language With Python
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