Learn how to get your website online with a custom URL and website hosting.

In this course, you will first learn how to create a simple website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, starting with a website template. (If you already have a website—great! Just skip this section and go to the next one.) Then, you will learn how to get a custom URL. Finally, you will learn how to host your website files and make your custom URL point to your website files. You will learn two different ways to host your website, including a way to host your website for free!

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00) Introduction
⌨️ (00:34) Creating a website
⌨️ (38:41) Getting a custom URL
⌨️ (42:45) Getting web hosting
⌨️ (48:25) Creating a custom email address
⌨️ (48:25) Updating Nameservers
⌨️ (51:35) Hosting for free with GitHub Pages
⌨️ (56:08) Updating DNS Settings
⌨️ (59:15) Conclusion

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How to Put a Website Online - Creation, Domain, Hosting, DNS
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