Do you ever see Google make an acquisition and wonder why the company did it? Or how the company arrived at this decision?

Acquisitions are a strategic corporate move to expand, grow, or position themselves better in the market. Sometimes it can be to re-position themselves in the market and even new product development. These decisions are taken by the strategy management team. The Head of Corporate Strategy is responsible for such decisions and oversees the execution of these decisions. Building, implementing, and improving business strategy is a major part of their work.

The Head of Corporate is well-versed in the corporate strategy framework and works in consonance with them to achieve growth goals.

Objectives and Responsibilities of Head of Corporate Strategy

Leadership: Head of Corporate Strategy is a leadership role, where the incumbent is tasked to oversee junior strategy management teams to ensure effective management of projects. Strategic decisions are often made after extensive market research, projections, competition research, consumer interest, and customer survey. These tasks are carried out by strategy teams. This work requires analytical skills and strong business acumen.

Further, the Head of corporate strategy hires the strategy management personnel to ensure that strategic decisions are executed well and within time. The leader also leads the strategy management team to come up with bold ideas for the business.

The Head of Corporate Strategy mentors junior members of the strategy management team. He ensures that each team member is consistently growing and improving his skills, readying them for better and challenging roles like the ones in which he is.

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The Role and Responsibilities of Head of Corporate Strategy
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