In this multi-part Azure Cloud series, I intend to cover the general aspects of Azure in simple terms, the business case for cloud, some deep dives where required, migration strategy, AllOps, security by design framework, reference architectures, and/or demo, and more. I am putting up a Lego bricks approach with multiple layers (in conjunction with the OSI / TCP/IP Layer) and will be adding several Reference architectures (for Web, Batch, Mobile, Data Lake, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc) after assorting and categorizing these Lego pieces. Along the way, I will also discuss the adoption of cloud for different sizes of organizations and building a cloud for scale and how best can make it built to last and at the same time extend it to handshake with other cloud providers to enable Poly Cloud / Multi-Cloud based adoption for the organization.

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Azure Series: Multi-part series on Azure Cloud and related guidelines
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