Welcome to Working with Data and APIs in JavaScript!

This course is for aspiring developers who want to learn how to work with data in web applications and the basics of server-side programming with Node. How do you retrieve, collect, and store data? The course will be taught through a series of creating three data projects.

Welcome to Module 3! I covered a lot about node.js in the previous module, but there are still a few key elements left to discuss!

Let’s figure out how to deploy your project to a server so that people can access it and use it. We will check out two hosting options: Heroku and Glitch.

πŸ”— Glitch: https://glitch.com/
πŸ”— https://codingtrain-the-weather-here.glitch.me/

πŸ”— Heroku: https://www.heroku.com/
πŸ”— https://the-weather-here.herokuapp.com/

#javascript #node-js #web-development #api

Working with Data and APIs in JavaScript - Web Application Deployment
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