Both APIs are free, however Alpha Vantage standard API limits to 5 requests per minute and 500 requests per day. This should be enough for a simple portfolio stock monitoring tool.

How many APIs are there?

The list is long and has increased in recent years. The list of providers who allow free API calls for stock market data includes: Finnhub.ioTenQuant.ioUniBitIEXCloudmarketstackQuandlEOD Historical Data and it is constantly changing.

Which market identifiers do I use?

In practice in the financial services industry you will come across SEDOL, ISIN, CUSIP, RIC, BB Ticker, BB Full Ticker (last two are bloomberg identifiers) but for the free APIs you can check out this list of MICs (market identifier code) here.

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How to get free  historical and live stock prices and FX rates using Python
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