Mastering Full Stack Web 2 & 3 Development with TypeScript

Learn Modern Web Development using Next.js 13 in Baby Steps

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Next.js Conf Keynote Announcing Version 13 :

The Future of the Web: From Cloud to Edge

Next.js 13 Docs

Before going forward check out this [directory of headless ecommerce stores that excel at both Design and Performance]. Also check out the tools they are using

The stack used in this learning repo, it is a mixture of Jamstack and T3 Stacks: TypeScript, Next.js 13, Chakra UI, tRPC, Prisma, Strapi, CockroachDB serverless (SQL), and MongoDB Atlas (NoSQL).

This repo is part of the Certified Web 3.0 and Metaverse Developer Training Program

Before start learning from this repo, learn TypeScript and by doing these TypeScript Node.js Projects

Checkout the Practice Problems for Next.js 13

Step By Step Guide To Full Stack Web Development | Next.js13 Tailwind Prisma Postgresql Typescript

After completing this repo you should move to these specialized Web 3 learning repos:

Next Dapps Learning Repo

Smart Contract Development Repo

Learn Chakra UI by doing Projects:

Chakra UI Next Projects Repo

Download Details:

Author: panaverse

Official Github: 

License: MIT


Mastering Full Stack Web 2 & 3 Development with TypeScript
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