Open Robotics has released ROS 2 Foxy Fitzroy, the latest version of the robot operating system. The release contains several new features, including security enhancements and improved tooling, with contributions from many industry players including the Eclipse foundation and cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Foxy Fitzroy is the latest release since last year’s Eloquent Elusor release. Foxy has a three-year support horizon, includes tier-1 support for MacOS Mojave, Windows 10, and Ubuntu 20.04 on both amd64 and arm64 platforms, and contains several new features. The Eclipse Foundation has contributed a new tier-one DDS middleware. Security enhancements include contributions from Canonical for additional DDS-Security plugins, particularly the logging plugin which provides the ability to audit security events. Package release has been simplified by adopting a “rolling” release process which includes an automated release migration tool. The AWS RoboMaker team has contributed several tooling features, including a cross-compilation tool which can target ROS 2 workspaces to non-native architectures. According the AWS team,

ROS 2 Foxy is the most secure and reliable ROS distribution to date for production robotics application development.

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ROS 2 Foxy Fitzroy Release Improves Security and Tooling
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