OpenAI has finally released the most anticipated ChatGPT model  today, called "gpt-3.5-turbo". Unlike the GPT 3.0 models  that work like a search engine, ChatGPT model tracks the conversation to create more useful outputs. In this tutorial, I will go through every single detail on how to get started with the newest OpenAI ChatGPT API in Python.

00:00 - Intro to OpenAI gpt 3.5 turbo model
00:34 - OpenAI GPT-3.5 Pricing difference vs GPT-3.0
01:51 - OpenAI GPT 3.5 models summary
03:03 - Sign up for an OpenAI account
03:29 - Create an OpenAI API Key
03:47 - Create Python script
04:15 - Install OpenAI Python package 
04:27 - open.ChatCompletion library usage
11:00 - Track ChatGPT conversation
15:03 - Make the Python script runs like ChatGPT

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How to Use OpenAI ChatGPT API in Python: A Beginner's Guide
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